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What is a VPN?

A Virtual Private Network (VPN) is an Internet privacy and encryption software that should be considered if safeguarding your data or online anonymity is important to you. VPN is an easy privacy tool to use and offers many features that enhance your daily Internet experience.

Why would I need iPrivate VPN?

iPrivate VPN may be of help to you if –

  • You’re concerned about your privacy.

If you don’t want websites, your ISP, or hackers snooping on your activities, then a VPN provides the protection you need. iPrivate VPN encrypts your data while it is transmitted, making it unreadable for third parties. iPrivate VPN also hides your IP address and location by giving you an anonymous IP. At iPrivate VPN, your security is our top priority. We do not log your browsing activity.

  • You need to access blocked content.

iPrivate VPN lets you access blocked content. If you live in a place where some sites or services are blocked, or if you are trying to access geo-restricted content, then you can connect to our servers and surf the web freely.

How does the iPrivate VPN service work?

iPrivate VPN creates a secure environment for everyday usage of the web. Before you log onto the Internet, you need to establish your VPN connection, which will in turn pass all of your online data (emails, instant messaging, data transfers, online banking and all online browsing) through an encrypted tunnel. This makes it all secure and third parties, including your ISP (Internet Service Provider); no longer have ANY visibility into your traffic.

Will a VPN slow down my network speed?

The speed of your Internet connection while using a VPN can vary depending on the following factors:

  • Your original/default Internet connection speed
  • The distance between your location and the VPN server you choose to connect to

The closer you are to your iPrivate VPN server of choice, the faster your Internet connection will be. Rest assured that iPrivate currently offers the fastest growing Tier-1 VPN network in the world. With servers in many countries worldwide, no matter where you are, you’ll always be near an iPrivate VPN server.

Do you allow P2P traffic?

Yes, we allow P2P traffic on our offshore servers.

Can I watch TV shows and movies behind IPrivate VPN?

Yes, our service works with all of the popular TV and movie websites.

What VPN protocols do you offer?

We offer PPTP and L2TP protocols. We recommend the use of L2TP protocol for the use of services, since PPTP is one that has been cracked by the NSA. Therefore, PPTP isn’t pretty secure when compared to L2TP.

Users can also install OpenVPN client, a free, open source client for VPN connectivity.

What features does iPrivate VPN promise?
  • 100% Online Identity and Data Protection
  • Direct access to the fast VPN Network Worldwide
  • Unblock any site and access geo-restricted content
  • Unlimited VPN Bandwidth
  • Unlimited Server Switching
  • L2TP and PPTP Protocols
  • Round the clock Customer Support
  • 14-day Money Back Guarantee (Read our Terms of Service for more information)
Do you log my data?

iPrivate VPN is a privacy-focused company and has a strict no logging policy! We do not track or monitor user activities while connected to iPrivate VPN, except for the login and logout information which will be registered on the server. We will keep a log of your payment records for one year. For more details, view the Privacy Policy section in our Terms of Service.

How many simultaneous connections are allowed on iPrivate VPN?

iPrivate VPN allows for two concurrent connections that may be used per account.

How does iPrivate VPN offer support services?

iPrivate VPN offers support services via an email ticketing system.

How do I pay for iPrivate VPN?

iPrivate VPN offers several options for the payment process. At present, we accept all types of credit/debit cards and PayPal. We also plan to offer Bitcoin as a payment option soon.

How often am I billed for the service?

The billing date depends on your billing cycle. Accordingly, you will be automatically billed when our subscription ends.

You can also opt to cancel a subscription, in case you don’t wish to be charged for the next cycle.

What is the 14-day money back guarantee?

iPrivate VPN always strives to serve customers in the most efficient manner possible. In case you happen to be unhappy after using our services, we have a 14-day window, from your start of subscription, where will refund your money with asking any questions whatsoever.

Will iPrivate VPN be available on all devices? How do I install IPrivate VPN?

Yes, iPrivate VPN supports an array of devices, which include the regular devices and platforms people tend to use.

You can view the setup page for more information on how to get going when using iPrivate VPN.

How do I change my password?

Please login to your profile using your username and password. In the field “Password” enter new password and in field “Confirm password” enter confirmation password then click “Update” button. Give our system 2-3 minutes to synchronize your new password and retry with your new VPN password.

Will my router work with iPrivate VPN?

Yes. iPrivate VPN is supported for use on all kinds of routers.

For setup instructions, you can refer to the Setup page on the website.

I have lost/forgotten my password. What should I do now?

Click on Lost/Forgot Password page, enter your email address and press Get New Password. You will receive an email to confirm that you want to retrieve your password. Click on the link that is in the email and you will receive another email shortly with a new password. Please login to your profile using your new password and change the password. Please note, that you will not be able to use the received password for VPN connections.

I can’t connect to the VPN. What can I do?

Please fill Contact Us form. What information you should to provide us?

  1. Your Operating System
  2. Server on which you are trying to connect.
  3. Error name /code (screen of your error is preferable). This will help us to understand your problem and solve your connection issue. You will receive an answer in maximum 12 hours.

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