How to tell if your VPN is trustworthy?

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While using a VPN network, you should know that all VPN providers are definitely not worth trusting. Some of these providers keep record of your connection time and some others also snoop on the websites you’ve browsed or the videos you’ve downloaded. They’ll justify this activity by telling that this is being done in order to ensure that you’re not doing something illegal or something that can damage their network. But then, isn’t the entire idea of snooping against the purpose of a VPN? You use a VPN to prevent ISPs from snooping on your online activities, you use it to hide ip proxy. So, what’s the point splurging in this product when the VPN itself snoops on your logs?

However, despite this dismal picture, there are also a couple of other VPNs that keep as few activity logs as possible. There are some others who don’t even track your activiaties and even if they store logs, they delete them from time to time in order to protect your privacy. After all, you’re paying for a VPN in order to enjoy private and secure browsing. So, if these networks keep their own data they turn out to be a weak link in the VPN chain. In case you’re wondering how to trust a VPN provider, here are some quick guidelines that can help. Have a look. The ability of best VPNs to unblock geo-restricted netflix in het buitenland content has made them an essential bit of software to couple up with streaming service if you’re planning a holiday or business trip – and our dedicated Netflix VPN guide will ensure you find the best service for you.

How to check if your VPN is trustworthy?

Here are a couple of things that you can do, in order to figure out whether your VPN is trustworthy or not.

Google the name of the provider and ‘log’ in the same search

This might apparently seem simple, but it is ‘actually’ very effective. Very often, the provider’s individual privacy policy is very difficult to find. But on making this search, you will come up with some viable result or the other. On making this search, you will find that some VPN providers do not keep any logs or even if they do, they delete it daily or weekly. You will also find some who only keep access logs for the billing, but these logs too are purged daily or weekly. Finally, there’s a last section of providers who ‘claim’ to keep as much logs as required by the law. You will find a couple of sites and user verdicts on the privacy of your required VPN network. So, in this way you will get to know whether your chosen provider is ‘really’ concerned about your privacy.

Customer care

If you don’t get any proper answer by conducting the search, contact the customer care unit of the provider and ask them directly about their logging and data retention policies. You can try and save 10% with this ZorroVPN coupon code.

Don’t fall prey to the geography trap

There are some people, who feel, that the VPN providers of their country aren’t concerned about privacy at all. They are absolutely convinced that they’re local laws are not friendly with privacy and a provider of their country can always be manipulated by other notable companies, legal issues or data retention laws. But this is not really true in all cases. Just because a VPN provider is located outside your country, it is not immune to your country’s data retention laws. This is nothing but a false sense of privacy.

Both the government and the private industries can authorize and pressurize anywhere across the globe, and in most cases, if they push hard, they’ll end up with their desired results. In other cases, they’ll pressurize the governmental and legal bodies to help them in their job. In simpler words, if you live in the US and if you’re using a offshore VPN of Netherlands, it does not mean that your privacy is perfectly protected and that you are now immune from the data retention laws of your country. Yes. In some cases, this can be true. But generally, the privacy policy and the ‘proper’ philosophy of the company are more relevant than the geographical location.

Technology is important

Nowadays, setting up a VPN is relatively easy. All you need is a group of people living in different countries, looking forward to run their own network. However, if the VPN provider doesn’t have the best technology in hand, they can put your privacy and security at stake. In simpler words, they are more likely to be the victims of data theft, identity thefts, spying and even hacking. So, while researching on your chosen VPN networks make sure they have stringent levels of encryption and they are a renowned and decent companies. Read VPN reviews and double check every single review, to make the best pick, since there are some great VPN services like خرید vps which can help you with this in many regions.

Nowadays, VPN networks are thriving and, it is not quite unnatural for them misappropriate your information and still put some attractive deals for you. So, while choosing a VPN network always use additional privacy tools like Tor, in order to add an extra layer of anonymity in your network.

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