Using a VPN to prevent your mobile operator from tracking you

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When internet first came to inception, user privacy simply meant going online while no one was in the room. But now, with the advent of technology and data collection business models, the internet has changed to a commendable extent. It’s not at all surprising that Google has the data of 0.87% of your search results. Yes. This can definitely be comfortable when you need quick browsing. But how comfortable are you with the idea that your local ISPs keep record of your entire browsing history even though your browser is set on a private mode? So, every time you use the public wi-fi from your favorite coffee shop, your user activity gets tracked by the internet provider. Sounds shocking? Well, this is exactly what’s happening around you.

How does a VPN protect your online privacy?

A VPN refers to a virtual private network and the basic idea of this network is very simple. Generally, when you visit a web page, or conduct a quick online search, the path of communication is from your computer to the internet. Very often, this data transmission turns out to be plain text. Anyone who can access your network can also track your traffic, thereby checking all the sites you’ve visited and all the information you’ve entered in the search engines and payment lists. This information is once again tied back to you via your PC’s IP address. Visit this website if you are looking for more useful gadgets to protect your privacy while browsing from your personal computer or smartphone.

With a good VPN service, all middlemen are thwarted between your PC/Smartphone and the internet. Usually, a physical server controlled by a VPN network acts as this middleman and is also identified by its individual IP address. By enabling a decent VPN network, the entire set of traffic between your PC and the VPN server is stringently encrypted. So, anyone who now views your traffic will find series of undecipherable texts, symbols and numbers. The identity of your browsed sites and submitted content is kept completely private. Check these Internet Hotspot Reviews.

How are online user activities tracked?

With the advanced tweaks of the ISPs and web bigwigs, viewing user activities is extremely easy. The companies have come up with a wide gamut of techniques that can be used for recording the user activities while they browse the web. These techniques include, ‘cookies, ‘beacons’ and also gaming ‘deep packet information’ where every, packet information delivered on the web, is thoroughly and individually checked so that people can play with 666casino and navigate peacefully.

These tricky tactics allows the web companies to record all the websites a customer visits, all the products they purchase and also the type of information and articles they read online. The advertising companies use this information for determining what kind of ads to deliver to the target individual’s computer.

Mobile operators track user activities

Nowadays, several mobile operators are also tracking your online activities publicly. The websites too, use the identifiers for tracking you, while you use the mobile internet. Popular social networking sites like Facebook or Twitter are also not lagging behind in this regard. Ever thought about those online gaming ubiquitous ‘Like’/ ‘Tweet’ buttons that you find almost everywhere? In fact, even if you trust these respective entities with your online privacy, the recent Snowden revelations have made it quite clear that all your private information can finally end up with the government.

So, let’s face the truth: You ‘actually’ have very little privacy while browsing online. The ISPs, social networking bigwigs and mobile internet providers are like those nosy strangers who peer over your shoulder to catch a better view of the notes you’re taking. The best part is that, despite their lack of privacy, these ISPs claim to offer you an anonymous browsing experience, so ill give you a few pointer to think about this, and just process the information when you have an alone time or when you are doing a little bit of exercise at home so you can start getting yourself in what is happening right now, and for example the next time you are trying to buy your favorite products from URBNFit Amazon, you can take a few measures and keep buying without any stress.

For instance, At&T and Verizon, two of the leading global ISPs pledged to refrain from tracking online user activities (unless they receive permission from the state). This advertisement is more of a challenge to the rest of the ISPs where website tracking is absolutely necessary for better ad campaigns and advanced behavioral targeting. Some critics viewed this pledge skeptically stating that these companies are likely to bring some tough situations for the customers in the long run. However, amidst their vague and un-realistic promises, you do have a ‘safer’ picture in hand. Well, this is none other than a VPN. Here’s a scoop on how a VPN can help in protecting your privacy.

While discussing about the role of VPNs, you should note that the encryption takes place between the data of your PC and the VPN server. However, as all websites do not support encryption, the data transfers between the VPN and the internet are usually in plain text. The good thing about this league of legends  is that, with a VPN server, tracing back data is absolutely impossible. This is simply because the PCs of many other VPN users are also being transferred via the same server and IP address, and that’s why services like migliori vpn are essential to mask your IP and avoid tracking from your Internet Service Provider. Again, when a single server handles the web requests, anyone trying to access the unencrypted data will find a couple of unrelated requests from one single IP address. Thus, a VPN protects your online privacy and fosters anonymous browsing. If you’re looking for a great VPN provider that’ll allow you to watch all of your favorite shows no matter where you are, check out iPlayer VPN.

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